Hacking The Laravel Way

Posted by Steve Popoola - 4th June 2018

So the May 2018 LaraHack has come and gone. As usual, it was a fun time with other developers who came up with wonderful ideas and worked round the weekend to transform their ideas into actual products.

Congratulations to Michael Burton! He won with his hard work on MyTrackr https://mytrackr.app, a tool to help you manage your time. Mike even did a live stream so you could watch him work. I did pop in a few times and it was quite a pleasant experience asking him questions and following along as he talked through his implementation.

As Lead on the LaravelUK website project, I naturally used the opportunity to work with Joshua Franks who did marvellous work giving our homepage as well as our Posts page a nice facelift. It was really fun exchanging ideas and tweaking the designs until we were happy with the results. Also contributing was Rich Peers as he helped with implementing the user profile page. Thanks Rich!

If you missed the last LaraHack, don't despair. Lee Crosdale, the man behind LaraHack has announced plans for another one soon.

Keep checking the LaravelUK website for updates.

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